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Dunlop 202 Medium Regular Tempered Glass Slide

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Guitar slides are popular with many musicians who are trying to create a mellow or smooth sound while playing their instruments. If you’re looking for a high-quality and reliable slide for your guitar, don’t look any further than this glass slide by Dunlop.

This is a high-quality glass slide by Dunlop - a brand trusted by musicians around the world. Made from premium boron silicate, this slide has been one of Dunlop’s best sellers for over 40 years. Dunlop manufactures a wide range of guitar slides, which means they have something for every type of guitar player. This medium-sized model by Dunlop is specifically designed and built for musicians who are looking for a warm and deep tone.

While guitar slides are manufactured in many materials such as metal or ceramic, glass is considered one of the better options. If you’re looking to create a mellow tone, glass is the perfect choice for you. Glass slides are also good for those who are looking for something lighter than a metal slide. The lightness of the slide helps you in making swift movements between notes. In addition to this, this glass slide is heat treated and annealed, which makes it absolutely flawless in terms of quality and ease of use.

In terms of sound, this glass slide will help you create a warmer and thicker tone, which can highlight your middle harmonics. A glass slide such as this produces much lesser string scraping noises as compared to the metal variations. This glass guitar slide can be played in many different ways, depending on how you tune your guitar.  

You can slip this glass slide on your finger and smoothly slide back and forth between different notes on your fretboard. This glass slide is of regular thickness. Precision and a good fit are of immense importance when it comes to glass guitar slides. Nobody wants a glass slide that’s too loose or too tight for their finger. The Dunlop 202 Medium Regular Tempered Glass Slide is perfect for those with a ring size of 8. Because different musicians use guitar slides on different fingers, it is imperative to ensure that you are measuring the ring size of the finger on which you intend to place this slide. 

This guitar slide is excellent for beginners and seasoned guitar players alike. If you haven’t used guitar slides before, it might be useful to try a few guitar slide exercises. When you can get the promise of a trusted brand like Dunlop at a low price like this, why look any further?