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Covid-19 Update - Online Sales fully operational. Store is now OPEN.
Covid-19 Update - Online Sales fully operational. Store is now OPEN.

Dunlop 220 Medium Chromed Steel Slide

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Dunlop 220 medium chromed steel slide is one of the world’s most preferred slides by blues and rock players. While there are many varieties and types of guitar slides, this sleek model by Dunlop stands out for many reasons.

This Dunlop 220 metallic slide is made of chromed steel, which brings out a distinct and strong sound while playing. Steel slides are much bolder than glass slides and are a fantastic option for those who want to deliver a powerful performance. A steel slide such as this one by Dunlop will bring out a bright and metallic tone, which is a stark contrast to the soft and warm tones that come from a glass slide. This steel slide will also give you great sustain, which is a brilliant feature if you like playing long gliding notes.

In terms of size, the Dunlop 220 medium chromed steel slide falls in the range of medium slides with dimensions of 19x20x60 mm. For reference, this steel slide will be a near-perfect fit for those with a ring size of 9. Comfort and a good fit are incredibly important when it comes to guitar slides. It is advisable to identify your ring size and determine your playing preference so that you know which guitar slide is perfect for you. 

Metallic slides such as this Dunlop 220 model are far more durable than alternative material slides such as glass or ceramic. We all know that gigs and recording sessions can get hectic and crowded. As a musician, your focus should be on giving a memorable performance, and not on worrying about dropping or breaking your slide. Steel slides can be used for a long period of time, thanks to their longevity. 

Additionally, metallic slides such as this one are a fantastic option for those who have a slightly more aggressive playing style. If you do not want to worry about breaking or scratching your slide due to pressure or speed while playing, then this slide is a perfect fit for you. The lightweight of this slide also makes it seamless for you to slide swiftly on the fretboard. This slide is great for both acoustic and electric guitars. 

This is a medium-sized chromed steel slide and hence is ideal for those who are seeking a partial coverage slide, which only covers a few strings at once. The medium size of this steel slide gives musicians the freedom of resting the slide on only those strings that they want to play, unlike full guitar slides which take up space on strings that you do not intend to play.

Since this steel slide is manufactured by Dunlop, quality is something that you can rest assured about. Dunlop has been a global favourite for musicians who seek high-quality and durable music accessories and equipment. If you are looking for a trusted guitar slide that you can use for a long period of time, then get this Dunlop 220 medium chromed steel slide without a second thought.