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Covid-19 Update - Online Sales fully operational. Store is now OPEN.
Covid-19 Update - Online Sales fully operational. Store is now OPEN.

Dunlop Lok Strap 7000 Single Plastic Strap Lock


Many guitarists would accept that it is almost impossible to play your guitar in one single place all the time and it would also be insane to think people construct a separate damage-proof area especially for the purpose of playing guitar. Instrumentalists have to go for performances at different places or for practice sessions at classes and sometimes they might be just chilling and playing it at home. This also brings up the fact that there lies an inherent risk of slipping or falling off a guitar. No guitarist would ever want this to happen even in his wildest dreams. There have been various examples in the past, wherein in the middle of performance, the guitar slipped away from the hand of the instrumentalist. And when that happens, it is very likely that it may damage the guitar once and for all. And for a percussionist, this can be even worse than heartbreak! So, to save you from this horrifying incident and your guitar from getting damaged all you need is a good guitar lock system. 

We bring to you the most affordable and effective strap retainer system which could be a life saviour for you and your most valuable investment. Save your guitar from a mishap with the Dunlop Lok Strap 7000 Single Plastic Strap Lock. This will save your stringed instrument from getting loose and falling off the ground in the middle of a performance or a practice session. This Lok Strap Retainer is super convenient to use and doesn’t require any additional installation or modification. It is probably the best and most hassle-free way to secure your instrument at the most affordable cost. 

Made from supreme quality material, this Dunlop Lok Strap 7000 Single Plastic Strap Lock has a tight grip and holding capacity. It will securely fasten your guitar straps and will not let it detach while you are playing it. Whether you want to dance while playing or roam around in the house or try new rolling techniques with your guitar, you can do so without any fear of damaging it. All you have to do is make a sound decision and invest in such important accessories of the guitar. 

It is also true that many people whom you will consult, consider this as an unnecessary investment because according to them, a Guitar strap retainer is not one of the must-have accessories. But it is better to invest a few dollars in protecting your guitar rather than witnessing your smashed-up guitar and literally regretting your decision. It is better to be prepared than to be regretful! It will also be not correct to think that these retainers are only for professionals who do live performances; it is for everyone irrespective of whether you are a beginner or an expert. Hence, make a wise choice and save your guitar from a falling disaster by investing in this Dunlop Lok Strap 7000 Single Plastic Strap Lock today!