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Dunlop Polish Cloth

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As a guitarist, taking care of your guitar maturely sounds better. However, to maintain your instrument, it is important to check on some crucial factors. A microfibre of lint-free cloth is necessary to clean a guitar. A lint-free cloth is needed as any cloth of guitar would leave little pieces behind. A finished polish erases all the imperfections and cracks.

Those old days might have been witnessed by you when vintage guitars were covered in dirt, right? If they would look a little better chances are that they would pay far better than before.

Dunlop Polish cloth is suede-like microfibre, 80% polyester, and 20% polyamide. It is a non-treated material. Perfect for applying lemon oil, polish, or string cleaner makes it is cotton flannel. A knobby microfibre cloth that is usually used for dusting or polishing furniture leaves the texture of your guitar with scratches and unfinished.

The quality of the tonewood changes as sweet and dirt persist into the pores of the wood. It can even affect the electronics of the instrument, messing up the pickups and inner works. It is an essential part to clean your guitar. Although, it takes a lot to make it look more than just pretty or for aesthetics.

A flat, shiny, chamois or soft cloth doesn’t remove built-up gunk to meet your satisfaction. Dunlop Polish cloth is more aggressive that addresses the situation with cleaner and polish.

While playing the guitar we transfer sweat and oil from our skin to the wood of the guitar or its bass, leaving it messy. The sweat that continues from our skin is bad for the guitar that destroys the protective lacquer. It eventually ends up breaking down the wood. However, this procedure happens much slowly but it does if you don’t take care of your instrument.

Dunlop Polish cloth gives a silicone-free polish that wipes away all the hidden unusual residues on your guitar giving it the best shape possible. Don’t forget to clean underneath the strings, it might feel difficult but it at least removes the dust that has been collected. The benefit is that it extends the tonal life of your acoustic guitar.

At last, try to clean the fingerboard as well with Dunlop Cleanser and Conditioner three to four times a year. This oil will clean and moisturise the wood safely. Apply the oil to Dunlop Polish 5400 and wipe it down on your board. Wait for some seconds and clear off any excess oil left with Dunlop Polish Cloth.