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Kinsman KSS05 Single-braced Keyboard X Stand

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Original price £25.99
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Current price £22.99

If you think that any musical instrument is an individual army and doesn't require any support, I am sorry to disappoint you but you probably need to ponder again on your thoughts. A musical instrument is incomplete without its requisite accessories and it is only when they collaborate, what you get is a beautiful melody. Hence it is extremely important that whenever you decide to invest in an instrument, make sure you also spend some of your time and money on its accessories as well. 

Talking about keyboard instruments especially, which have become a popular choice for many beginners in recent times, a keyboard stand is one such important accessory that you cannot go without. A good keyboard stand will give the preferred height to your instrument and will ensure uptime stability and convenience for the player.  Most likely a keyboard stand will not come with the instrument and you have to purchase it separately to keep it on an even base. This also becomes important as it will prevent any wiggly movements or unstable feelings to the player while he is putting hands onto the keyboard. 

The Kinsman KSS05 Single-braced Keyboard X Stand is a good buy when it comes to durable and affordable keyboard stands. The supreme quality of black enamel paint has been used to give it a perfect royal touch. Heavy and durable material has been used to construct this Single-braced black stand which assures stability and comfort even during long practice sessions. Both the ends of the keyboard stand have been secured by rubber caps to avoid slipping and falling of the instrument. 

Unlike other similar stands in the market, this product has a competitive advantage and can be easily adjusted to five different heights. Whether you are standing or sitting on a chair, whether you are playing the keyboard or your child, the height of the stand can be easily adjusted depending on various situations. And not just this, its quick-release mechanism allows the stand to fold down easily thus ensuring convenient storage and transportation of the product. All you need to do is just push it a little down and it can now be stored easily and handled appropriately.

Extra measures are been taken towards the packaging of the product. It will be packed in a secured box to avoid any damage during transit. After it reaches your home, you don't have to spend considerable time assembling the product since it is pre-assembled from our end to ensure hassle-free delivery to you. 

Some additional technical specifications are : 

  • The length and width of the keyboard stand are approximately 103.8 and 46.2 centimeters respectively. 

  • The product weighs around 1.88 kilograms. Due to its lightweight, it becomes extremely easy to lift and transport from one place to another. 

  • The product can be adjusted between five different heights ranging between 51 cm to 77 cm. 

  • Matt black enamel finish gives it an aesthetic look that can light up any room space. 

Make sure you choose a keyboard stand that fits all the necessary conditions of a perfect stand and at the same time enhance the beauty of your room's space.