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Nord Piano Monitors V2 with Brackets

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The quality of a piano monitor is generally analyzed over the response of the monitors at frequencies. And thus, Nord brings you the exclusive Nord Piano Monitors V2 with brackets that are especially compatible with the digital pianos from Nord, providing the authentic onstage monitoring experience. 

The Nord Piano monitors also bring in a new design with their brackets ascended to the bottom, which lets it get attached to the microphone stand. The compact monitors which are quite famous among the second generation of music let one experience the dynamic depth of the music which offers electric and acoustic sounds as an output from the piano. Another supplementary feature of this device being dual input, the ability of its to connect to laptops and smartphones for audio inputs, idealistic for all kinds of musical activities. 

The pair of V2 piano monitors comes packed with two one-fourth audio cables, audio cable, rubber feet, power cable, and a sub-output RCA connector, thus making it easy for the customers to set up the set on their own. The super-lightweight of the monitors also makes it easy to carry at places, yet have a very good sound quality that is mostly non-compatible with short-sized speakers. Thus, Nord brings to you an exception in this field.

Along with all these, the built-in 3.5 mm stereo jack and volume control let you add music from sources like a metronome or a walkman. Talking about the near field, it offers optimal installation which makes the stereo panorama excellent in its work. The subwoofers, also being an expert at its task, provides a cinch output. The protective grid around the membranes of the boxes secures peace of mind during setups and transportation. The monitors offer a quick useful benefit for the clients. On considering the end of the listening journey, the speakers of the piano monitor of Nord offer themselves to be mounted with the Nord Piano 5 73/88 and also with the Nord Piano 4. It also can get itself hitched with the Nord Stage 3 Rev B which shall use the inclusion of the Monitor Brackets.