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Yamaha YCL-450 Intermediate B♭ Clarinet - Grenadilla Body Silver-plated Nickel

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The Yamaha YCL450 Intermediate Clarinet is the perfect step up for the advancing musician, featuring a Grenadilla wood body and a 17 key Boehm System. Boasting a new bell design, this instrument gives a professional sound, particularly in the chalumeau register of the instrument. Included with this clarinet is a case, mouthpiece, ligature and reed.


Yamaha is a brand trusted by millions of musicians worldwide. Attention to detail and precision are Yamaha's trait which has earned the trust of students, and the respect of world-renowned musicians. An inimitable blend of leading technology and craftsmanship goes into each and every instrument. The products are developed and perfected to significantly enhance the overall precision and playing experience.

Grenadilla Wood Body

The Yamaha YCL450 features an African Blackwood (otherwise known as Grenadilla) body, which is regularly used for intermediate and professional level clarinets, due to its highly desired acoustic properties. The Grenadilla wood provides a rich, weighted and focused tone, with enhanced projection. This makes the sound more desirable for the advancing student, over plastic and composite clarinets.

Design Features

The Yamaha YCL450 Clarinet features silver-plated nickel silver keys for a warmer, softer sound. Also new to the design is an adjustable thumb rest and strap ring which accommodates most hands sizes. This is a great advantage for student players as it helps them to adopt a proper playing technique. As players grow they can adjust this rest to suit their needs.

Included Accessories

The Yamaha YCL450 Clarinet comes equipped with a CL4C mouthpiece and plastic mouthpiece cap. This clarinet also includes a semi-hard case to help keep the instrument protected during travel. The case can be carried in multiple ways to ensure a comfortable travelling experience.



  • Body: Grenadilla
  • Key Finish: Silver-Plated Nickel Silver
  • Key Of: Bb
  • Keys: 17
  • Rings: 6
  • Barrel Length: 65mm
  • Thumb Rest: Adjustable with Strap Ring
  • System: Boehm
  • Toneholes: Straight with Tapered Undercut
  • Includes: Yamaha CL4C Mouthpiece, Plastic Mouthpiece Cap and Semi-Hard Case