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Roland RPB-500RW Adjustable Piano Bench with Storage in Rosewood

Original price £198.00 - Original price £198.00
Original price £198.00
£198.00 - £198.00
Current price £198.00

Imagine a grand mansion and an even grander piano lying in the wide living room with a chandelier shining brightly above. Isn’t it a beautiful sight? 

A piano bench is a crucial part of music and can add taste and royalty to your home decor. A piano adorning a house is like a diamond adorning a necklace. Such beauty, encompassed by none. 

Normally, the height of the bench is fixed on regular duet models but there are adjustable height benches also available and Roland RPB-500RW Adjustable Piano Bench with Storage in Rosewood is one example. If you are planning to teach piano or would like to play piano duets/ensembles, then you should go for the double style bench which has ample room for two adults who can easily sit at the piano and play a beautiful tune. Some piano benches come with a music storage compartment and a padded top while some are completely made of wood (top-bottom). 

A majority of websites selling music instruments and interior sell first-hand pieces (brand new) which are packed in a box and come with detachable legs packaged inside. Their assembly is quite simple and easy and instructions are available with the package that you can read and easily understand to start working on putting it all together. 

If you are keen on buying a piano bench with adjustable height then you must have bought a piano recently for a kid or someone with short height and the original piano bench has become unusable. If you are purchasing the piano for a church or school or another public institution then be wary as there will be a lot of stress put on the bench. But if you are purchasing for your home, then you will just have to care for it by proper cleaning and dusting and covering when not using. Student pianists usually go shopping for piano benches when they need an upgrade to suit the piano height. Since standard duet or single-seater piano benches come with a fixed height, students need to invest in an adjustable one. 

Students end up having improper hand coordination unless they adjust the seat so the musicians reach the piano at an accurate height. The Roland RPB-500RW is an exquisite model that lets you adjust the height and makes for perfect seating at the pianos and other keyboard instruments. It also features a beautiful dark rosewood finish. The Roland RPB-500 RW is made of solid wood and allows for lasting durability.

The deep seat top is padded/cushioned for ultra-comfort that lets you sit for long playing sessions. You can also lift it to seek access to a storage compartment where you can store your sheet music and accessories.

The Roland RPB-500RW weighs around 12 kg and its dimensions are 21.65 in. x 13.19 in. x 19.29–23.23 in.

It is a perfect match for those looking to add something extraordinary to their decor and have a piano at home that their kids play.