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Sell Your Clarinet

Where can I sell my clarinet?

There comes a time where musicians need to sell their older instruments. Space, money, or if you have upgraded to a better instrument, eventually you may want to sell old instruments. You can sell your clarinet in any number of places; you can look at places to “sell a clarinet near me” in a music shop, or you can sell your clarinet online. Fair Deal Music offers options for both; buying your pre loved clarinets, and selling them for you.

Can I re-sell my clarinet if it is damaged?

Damaged instruments will at the very least have an effect on the price you are offered. The better quality your clarinet is in, the more valuable it can be. When you sell your clarinet, it can fetch more money if it also comes with the case and any other extras. Even if the clarinet is damaged, it could still be an in-demand instrument. New players looking for a cheaper, quality clarinet, may want a second-hand clarinet to save money. The rule of thumb regarding instruments, is the older it is, the lower the value you will be offered. This is due to the amount of potential usage it has been subject to. This doesn’t apply if the particular clarinet you have is vintage, or is a rare product.

How many photos should I take of my clarinet?

There isn’t a set number of photos that need to be submitted; the more you submit, the more accurate the valuation. You need to submit images of the overall instrument, any scuffs, dents, and any other damage. We may request more information if the images don’t give a clear indication of condition.

Is my clarinet eligible for re-sale?

In most circumstances, your clarinet will be eligible for re-sale. This is providing the clarinet is not in disrepair, and still works. The only way we can know if your clarinet is sellable is to appraise it. You can also get a second opinion from alternative outlets, or even see if you can sell it privately. The other reason it may not be re-sellable, is the market demand.

How long do I have to wait to be paid?

First of all, you need to submit some information on the condition of the clarinet you wish to sell. Fair Deal Music will endeavour to give you a valuation as quickly as possible. If you are happy with the value offered, then we can send you a box for you to ship your clarinet to us. Once we have received the clarinet, barring any extreme circumstances, you will receive your payment immediately via bank transfer.

Will someone pickup my clarinet?

We don’t send someone to collect your clarinet, you will receive packaging in the post so you can send it back to us. If it is more convenient for you, or if you are local to Birmingham, you can sell your used clarinet directly in store. It can be valued in store while you wait, and can be a quicker turnaround for you.