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Sell Your Guitar

Where can you sell your guitar?

If you’re considering part-exchanging or upgrading your old guitar equipment, then there are a range of options available to you. It’s possible to sell your guitar online, or locally, or you may wish to sell your guitar to a music shop. Many buy second-hand guitars, with rare or vintage guitars being particularly desirable.

Selling direct to a shop also has some advantages in that it can save you time compared to selling your guitar privately through an online marketplace. It also ensures you receive a fair price and don’t risk receiving much less than your guitar is worth if you sell via an online auction.

You may receive more by selling directly online or to a friend or family member, but if that’s not a practical option or you’re looking for something more convenient, selling to a music shop is a great choice.

Second-hand instruments are often popular with children and adults looking to learn the instrument for the first time, so there’s a good chance your old guitar will be helping someone develop a musical passion of their own.

How does selling your guitar to a music shop work?

If you live locally you will usually be able to take the guitar direct to the shop where it will be assessed and valued. This value will be placed on a number of factors including the make of the guitar, its age and overall condition. Rare, vintage and unusual instruments will usually be more sought after by a music shop, and as a result, can command much better prices.

The better the condition of your guitar, the bigger the offer we can make is likely to be. If you have original items such as the box, manuals, power supply or case, this can further increase its value.

It’s important to remember that music retailers are often operating on tight margins and have a number of overheads and resale costs to consider when they make an offer. This may be lower than you initially expected, but at Fair Deal Music, we always try to be as fair as possible with any instrument we feel that we can resell.

Can I re-sell my guitar if it is damaged?

Depending on the damage your guitar has sustained it may still be possible to sell your guitar. It might be easy to repair and then resell but the value you are offered will reflect the cost of any repairs that are needed before it can be put up for sale. If your guitar is extensively damaged, then it’s unlikely that a music shop will buy it. It may still be possible to sell it online as damaged, particularly if parts of the guitar are salvageable and could be re-used.

What if you don’t live near the shop?

If you don’t live near the shop you can sell directly to Fair Deal Music directly. All you need to do is take a couple of photographs of your guitar and send them to us via the website. We will then provide a valuation. If you accept that valuation we will send you a shipping box and label. As soon as we receive your guitar we will pay the money into your account via BACS.

Contact us today to find out more about selling your guitar directly to Fair Deal Music.