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Roland KSC-72-WH Stand for FP-60X-WH Digital Piano - White

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All the famous pianists and keyboard players who have been the reason behind some of the best tunes in the world owe their performance to not just their piano but also to other accessories. It is not just a piano but everything from a piano bench to a Piano stand to Sheet Music to pedals and footswitches; the artist has to make everything work in harmony to be able to produce a masterpiece. Even if there is the slightest defect in one of these, it will cause discomfort to the artist and will be nothing more than a mere distraction.

Having the perfect stand for your piano is crucial among all of them. Until and unless the piano is stable on a flat and sturdy surface, an artist will never be comfortable while playing it. A good piano stand will provide support to the piano and will add to the efficiency of the pianist. Many people tend to ignore the importance of piano stands and generally end up buying low-quality cheap stands thereby regretting their decision later. But isn’t it better to spend some time and money before buying a stand rather than regretting later?

The Roland KSC-72-WH White Stand has been designed to complement the FP-60X Digital Piano. You can bring your piano to a considerable height as per your comfort with this stylish and durable piano stand. If you see it from another perspective, it also helps you in maintaining the right posture during long practice sessions. It is very likely that sitting and playing for long hours in an incorrect posture may have a bad impact on your spinal cord and may sometimes lead to long-lasting diseases. Thus, investing your time and money in a good piano stand is extremely important for both your health and performance.

In addition to providing stability and comfort, Roland KSC-72-WH Stand will lighten up your room space with its simple yet elegant vibe.  The piano stand is made from supreme-quality laminated particle board which will not only provide rigidity to your piano but will also add up to the grace of your FP-60X Digital Piano

Normally the other piano stands which are available in the online and offline market will not provide you this rare yet classic combination of style and stability as the Roland KSC-72-WH Stand will. It has been specifically designed keeping in mind all the necessary requirements of a pianist. The steady grip of the stand allows the player to play music seamlessly without worrying about them slipping off or falling off the instrument.

If you are looking for something which will add up to the grace of your piano and will provide support to it, the Roland KSC-72-WH Stand is what you need. With its varied and unique features, this product is genuinely worth your time and money.