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Roland RPB-100RW Piano Bench with Storage in Dark Rosewood

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Original price £93.00
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Current price £89.00

There is a full-fledged piano bench manufacturing industry that grew from the work of piano manufacturing companies that decided to focus only on manufacturing pianos. 

The bench was for quite a long time, an afterthought. A number of bench companies started in the early 1900s by signing contracts with the piano manufacturers that enabled them to offer benches in varied styles that matched the finish and leg style of the piano sold by the piano company. 

As the piano found its way to different owners, the bench stuck around like a piece of furniture that owners didn’t give away. This created a need for a new bench that replaced the original bench. 

Another reason why piano bench manufacturers exist is that the piano bench is not treated too nicely by public institutions and families with multiple players. There is constant movement and the bench is pushed in and out resulting in excessive wear and tear. 

Proud musicians enjoy putting up their equipment to display and like it to stand out and a scraped piano bench can easily be fixed. Here are the factors you should consider when buying a new piano bench: 

Leg Style

It is very easy to spot a replacement bench as their legs would not match with the piano. Find a bench that matches the leg style of your piano and only invest in a good quality bench so it lasts a good decade. Most benches come with classic straight legs like the Roland RPB 100RW. Others have spade legs and pedestal-style legs for antiques are also available. 

Bench Length and Width

There are three sizes of piano benches available: 

  1. Duet grand piano bench around 35 inches wide & 19 inches high: This would easily seat two players making room for both players comfortably so they can play duets. 
  2. Traditional standard upright bench: These are 30 inches wide and around 19 inches high and look great with any kind of piano. 
  3. Smaller pianos (spinets/keyboards): consider a 22-25-inch-wide bench. The Roland RPB 100RW is a fixed-height small piano bench in dark rosewood that would look great with a white piano or light-colored keyboard. 

Wood Finishes

You can get an exact match of the shade of the piano as long as you pay attention to the finish that has been used on your piano. Check if it is a satin finish or glossy finish or polished finish.  

Piano Bench Tops

Most people go for the hardwood benchtop but the best option is that you go for a cushioned bench so long-playing sessions are convenient. Check if there is a storage compartment available like in the fixed height Roland RPB-100RW.  

Features of the Roland RPB-100RW: 

With a cushioned seat top, this piano bench is among the best piano benches available on the market and the rate will surely satisfy you as it is quite affordable. 

  1. Made of solid wood  
  2. Cushioned vinyl seat top with a storage compartment right below the seat for sheet music or accessories 
  3. Satin white finish with gold lettering
  4. Affordable price that suits all budgets