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Roland RPB-400RW Adjustable Piano Bench with Storage in Dark Rosewood

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When you buy a piano, you generally get the bench to sit on while playing the piano. And, don’t think otherwise! These benches are lovely as they go with the piano and enhance the aesthetic of your home. But they may not be the most comfortable bench and cause trouble when you have long playing sessions. Some pianos come with wood-top benches without cushion padding. So that becomes an issue as it gets tiresome for the player to keep sitting on the bench for long while there is no padding. 

And, it might also  not go with the room but go with the piano but you can’t change the whole room. However, in such a case, what’s doable is that you get another cushioned or padded bench. Nowadays, there is a humongous amount of choice available in benches. They come in a number of beautiful satin and polished finishes, and can also be customised to suit your room décor. 

It doesn’t matter how choosy you are, there is a wide variety of benches available in the market. But before you choose one, let’s explore the basics:  

Size:  Roland benches are around the size of 64.77 x 36.83 x 22.86 cm and weigh up to 8.16 Kilograms which are suitable for young adults, young children, and adults as well. 

There are wider piano benches available too but most come close to these standards.  

Bench Height: The most important aspect of buying a piano bench is checking its height. Accurate height enables correct posture and correct hand coordination. Most standard benches are 19" high but because there might be different people playing the piano who differ in height, there are adjustable benches available. You can adjust the bench with just a push of a button. 

Adjustable benches may be anywhere between 17 ½" up to 21". This enables those who like to sit slightly lower or higher than the regular 19" height provided on the most non-adjustable benches. Although, if you buy a bench for a child then the height may further vary. 

Style:  when you purchase a piano, it would most probably come with a wood top bench that won’t be so comfortable to sit on. Though these look great, are classics that go with the stain, color, and finish of the piano, they are not so comfortable.  

Go for a cushioned style of the bench if you have long playing sessions. 

Keeping every factor that we have discussed above, the highly durable Roland RPB-400RW comes to mind. It has an 

  1. Adjustable-height seat for use 
  2. Goes well with pianos and other keyboard instruments
  3. Solid wood construction
  4. Cushioned top seat 
  5. storage compartment for sheet music and accessories.

Roland focuses on four things: the type of seat that gives the most comfort, the leg style, the color and finish of the wood. 

Do your research before you invest in a piano bench and get the feel by sitting on it and playing for a good 15-20 minutes.