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Roland RPB-500PE Adjustable Piano Bench with Storage in Polished Ebony

Original price £198.00 - Original price £198.00
Original price £198.00
£198.00 - £198.00
Current price £198.00

When we talk about music, immediately the piano comes to mind. A piano bench is essential to piano and music-making and can add the luxe element to your interior decor and furniture. 

There are numerous styles of piano benches like unfinished benches or deluxe concert piano benches. Some are even sold in 100% buckskin leather. There are numerous finishes available like walnut, mahogany, white, and black polished and unpolished satin finishes. These finishes are generally used for vintage instruments. Standard duet models come with a fixed height but there is a wide variety of variable height benches available in the market too. your needs

Whether you’d like to teach piano or want to play piano duets or ensembles, you can try the double style bench which has sufficient room for two adults who can do long playing sessions with comfort. In standard-style piano benches, there is usually a music storage compartment along with a hinged top, and the top is padded/cushioned but some styles come with a solid wood top. 

There are a wide number of online stores selling brand new and used piano benches.  You can try purchasing piano benches that come packed in a box with legs (detachable) stored inside. Assembly is quite simple too and can be done with the help of the user manual. Or you can get a craftsman to assemble the bench for you and you can pay them a small sum of money for their services rendered. This will save you the time that you can use to practice your music sessions. 

Regular buyers of piano benches are individuals who have recently invested in grand piano or piano keyboards and their original piano bench is unusable or torn or lost! 

Public institutions like music schools often need more piano benches than individual players/users since the former are used by a number of students thus giving in to more wear and tear. Student pianists who are young in age often ask their parents to buy them the necessary piano bench to match the piano height for better hand coordination. The Roland RPB-500PE is a great match for any grand piano in ebony or black shade for public institutions or a home where children or adults play the piano. 

Check out the amazing feature of the Roland RPB-500PE 

  1. Comes with an adjustable-height feature 
  2. Can be used with pianos as well as keyboard instruments 
  3. Offers a premium polished ebony finish
  4. Has a solid wood construction that gives lasting durability 
  5. Luxe cushioned top for comfort during 
  6. Storage compartment below the cushioned top where you can keep your sheet music and accessories.
  7. Dimensions: 21.65 in. x 13.19 in. x 19.29–23.23 in. 
  8. Weighs 12kg (24.25 lbs)

The company Roland is well known for its various varieties of music instruments and accessories which give a warm, acoustic as well as electric sound. They have been designed for students as well as professionals so there is a diverse collection available that you can choose from. The cost is quite affordable too.