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Yamaha L-515WH Wooden Stand for P-515WH Piano White

Original price £196.00
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Original price £196.00
Current price £189.00
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Current price £189.00

As a pianist, what is that one thing that keeps you sane? listening or playing the piano. Right? 

Playing a piano has its own benefits. It increases your concentration, it teaches you discipline, perseverance, it boosts up your memory capacity, emotional intelligence, and the list goes on. 

So if you have a piano, then it is the most wonderful thing that can happen to you. But owning a piano is not just enough, it needs its accessories also to be maintained. The most important accessory of a piano is - a stand. It helps you play seamlessly without any interruptions. 

If you have a P-515WH portable luxury digital Piano and are looking for a steady and attractive stand, then Yamaha has solved your problem. Yamaha’s L-515WH Wooden Stand is all you need for your piano. 

Glowing in white, with a wooden texture appearance Yamaha’s Wooden Stand is for L-515 also compatible with Yamaha LP1WH 3-Pedal Unit is easy to assemble and install. It will add richness to your piano and your piano playing. This Yamaha piano stand has set a standard in the portable piano stand quality and design. White colour has been given purposely to make a perfect match of the piano and its stand. Yamaha L-515WH Wooden Stand has been designed with a high standard and sturdy design to get rid of unwanted wobble while playing. Keeping in mind the protection, it includes plastic non-scratch feet so that the stand doesn’t damage the floor. The stand’s design and quality give you the freedom to perform confidently. No matter which room you place it in, this sturdy stand will add a touch of class to your piano setup. 

The stand has been made with quality wooden material to match the Yamaha standard, as Yamaha is the most trusted brand among the music industry and never disappoints its users. 

Investing in a piano stand is a wise move because it helps you perform comfortably with correct posture and eliminates all the chances of shaking or falling of your piano. When you perform comfortably you also enjoy the performance along with your listeners which is the ultimate aim.

Your piano deserves to be treated with elegance and style. So don’t settle for a forgettable piano stand. Rock n roll your P-515WH digital piano by keeping it and playing it on the sleekest, white accented, Yamaha’s Wooden textured stand. It is a deadly combination of all you need, which are- sturdy, strong, good looking, great playing ergonomics, style, richness, confidence booster, and lightweight. This furniture-style stand will make you popular among your bandmates and add a pinch of self-confidence. This Yamaha L-515Wh Stand will surely beautify the place wherever you keep it, be it your room or studio. 

So if you are willing to take our advice, without giving a second thought just take this and add style to your piano playing!