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Yamaha PA-130B 12V UK Mains Adaptor (up to 750mA)

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Original price £35.00
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The Yamaha PA130B Power Adapter is an AC power adapter for keyboards, guitars, digital drums, and the Silent Violin range of portable music instruments. The PA130B model is compatible with many Yamaha portable instruments.


The Yamaha PA130B Power adaptor is compatible with the following PSR model number keyboards: YPT-200, YPT-210, YPT-220, YPT-230, YPT-240, YPT-300, YPT-310, YPT-320, YPT-330, YPT-340, EZ-200, EZ-220, YPT-400, YPT-410, YPT-420, YDD-40, and DD-45; digital pianos YPP15 and YPR50, drum machines DD9M, DD20, and DD35 and silent violin SV200K.

It is also a great replacement that is suitable for Yamaha silent guitars: PSR-E223,PSR-E233,PSR-E243,PSR-E253,PSR-E263,PSR-E333,PSR-E343,PSR-E353, PSR-E363, PSR-E463, PSR-E433,PSR-E423,PSR-A300 Oriental, PSR-F50, PSR-F51, NP-11, NP-12, EZ-200, EZ-220, YPT-210, YPT-220, YPT-230, P-80, P-90 and Steinberg CC121.

The PA-130B Power Adaptor is designed to eliminate your constant need for fresh batteries by using efficient AC operation. It does have a high-quality wire that adds to its durability and strength. Such factors are hard to find in other adaptors where low-quality wire and less durability are usually expected. This power adaptor also features environment-friendly use by reducing the power when the musical instrument is turned off, thus, it saves your money, time and in turn, provides easy working of musical instruments attached. The PA-130B power adaptor uses efficient AC operation tpremove the need for new batteries on a regular basis.Take advantage of low-cost AC power and save yourself money and hassle. It is, indeed, an energy-efficient power adaptor with a compact design.


  • Brand: Yamaha
  • Model Number: L-7S
  • Colour: Black
  • Cable length 8' 4" (2.54 Meters)
  • Input: Ac 100-240v 60 hertz AC
  • Output: 12v 0.7A
  • DC/AC: DC
  • Power: 9 W
  • Secondary Voltage: 12 V
  • Voltage: 12 V DC / 750 MA, + inside
  • Plug diameter: 5.5 mm outside / 2.1 mm inside
  • Weight: 140 g
  • Dimensions with stand: 10.8 x 8 x 7 cm