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Yamaha YC61 Stage Keyboard & Drawbar Organ

Original price £2,378.40
Original price £2,378.40 - Original price £2,378.40
Original price £2,378.40
Current price £1,599.00
£1,599.00 - £1,599.00
Current price £1,599.00

Designed for gigging keyboardists, the YC61 features newly designed Virtual Circuitry Modeling (VCM) Organ engine with physical drawbars, extensive real time control and authentic Acoustic/Electric Piano and FM synth sound.

YC61: The stage keyboard for organists

The drawbar organ is widely considered one of the most expressive instruments in contemporary music. The Yamaha YC61 offers a compact, lightweight, yet versatile and authentic keyboard featuring nine drawbars, allowing for lively performances with the exciting sound of our powerful VCM technology. Flexible in its application and smartly designed down to the finest detail, the YC61 is the perfect stage instrument for live keyboarders and organists.

Authentic sound due to VCM technology

In order to accomplish the natural, vivid organ sound typical for classic drawbar organs, we developed a new sound engine specifically for the YC61. Based on our proprietary Virtual Circuitry Modelling technology (VCM), the sound engine recreates the exact behaviour of all the transistors and resistors of vintage tonewheel and drawbar circuits. This attention to detail results in a collection of exceptional organ sounds including rotary speakers and matching effects. Every detail of the organ voice can be adjusted, putting virtually no limits to sound creation. With captivating sounds like this, the YC61 impresses musicians and audiences alike.

True organ feel with waterfall keys

Organ sounds are iconic, but as with every other instrument, the organ always depends on the artist’s performance. The Yamaha YC61 offers organists exceptional tools for immaculate performances. The waterfall keyboard has been developed from the ground up and has just the right amount of resistance for the perfect touchl. The drawbars have been optimised for haptic feedback and, being partially transparent, they let you easily read the LED indicators regardless of the drawbars’ positions. You'll always have a clear view not only of the position of the hardware drawbar, but also of the current mode.

Organs and beyond: sonic versatility for demanding gigs

The Yamaha YC61 may have been optimised for organ sounds but it's not limited to this already vast set of sounds. We've also included a range of high-quality acoustic pianos, electric pianos and synthesizer sounds making the YC61 the ideal keyboard on stage.

Made for the stage

The Yamaha YC61 has been designed for the stage, and it shows. The control scheme foregoes complex menus in favour of easy-to-find parameters on the control surface. The whole design is particularly lightweight at only 7.1 kg (15 pounds, 10 oz.), making it particularly portable. Even the build quality reveals the stage-centric development – the YC61 is built to withstand rough conditions on the road without taking damage while shining every night.