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Boss CE-2W Waza Craft Chorus

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The BOSS CE-2W Chorus Waza Craft Special Edition pedal re-creates the classic sound of the CE-1 (and its successor, the CE-2) using premium all-analog circuitry. The Japanese word Waza and Craft translates as ‘art and technique,’ and implies meticulous design, an accurate name for BOSS's flagship line of redesigned guitar effects pedals.


Boss has combined these two classic effects for the latest addition to its high-end Waza Craft series while adding a few new features along the way. 

It has two modes, “Standard” for CE-2 chorus tones, and “CE-1” for CE-1 chorus tones. The CE-1 was the original Boss effect and one of the first chorus pedals on the market. It is now regarded as a classic pedal, with originals commanding a high price. In CE-1 mode, the traditional chorus/vibrato sound is authentic recreated in full stereo, just like the original. In Standard mode, you get the sound of the follow-up, the CE-2. Although this pedal is more compact, it is still a classic. A tiny slider switch holds the key to the CE-2W's versatility. On the left is the standard position for smooth CE-2 sounds, but shift it over to the middle and you get the CE-1's definitive swirl, while the right engages its full-on vibrato mode for proper pitch-bending goodness. 

You can dial in the precise sound you want using Rate and Depth adjustments that apply to both modes. The right position activates a vibrato circuit—no doubt another nod to the original CE. The vibrato mode might be your first port of call for SRV Cold Shot-style Leslie leads, while its extreme depth makes it a dab hand. 

This small pedal has a wide spectrum of sounds, from subtle tone coloration to a rich, luscious chorus. The Boss CE-2W Waza Craft Chorus blends the best features of a traditional pedal and adds current boutique flexibility. 


  • Special edition Boss WAZA craft pedal 
  • Ce-1 Mode authentically reproducing the two stereo sound modes in the world's first chorus pedal
  • Standard mode provides a perfect reproduction of the legendary ce-2 sound
  • Includes new sounds not available in the original pedal (ce-2 stereo output and variable depth for ce-1 chorus sounds)
  • Rate and Depth knobs provide fine sound adjustment in both pedal modes