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Covid-19 Update - Online Sales fully operational. Store is now OPEN.
Covid-19 Update - Online Sales fully operational. Store is now OPEN.

Dunlop 65 Fretboard Ultimate Lemon Oil 1oz Pump Spray

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If you feel that you make a more profound association with your guitar when cleaning, this product is for you. Keeping your Fretboard clean just for cleanliness' sake is not enough, it has a lot of practical benefits also.

All things considered, guitar cleaning items containing 'lemon oil' have caused a serious discussion on the web. The conversation is whether lemon oil is ok for a filthy fretboard without hurting the wood. So in the wake of doing some exploration, here is all you require to think about lemon oil.

Martin Guitars express that unadulterated lemon oil ought to stay away from on the off chance of any completion. In any case, lemon oils available are protected to use with some restraint, given that makers are either utilising limited quantities of lemon oil or none by any means. 

The Dunlop Fretboard 65 Ultimate Lemon Oil 1oz pump spray is safe and preferred lemon oil to consider for rosewood and coal-black fretboards. 

Dunlop Fretboard 65 Ultimate Lemon Oil 1oz pump spray

Presenting Fretboard 65 Extreme Lemon Oil the most recent expansion to Dunlops world-well-known line of guitar care items and the sensible development of the 01 Fingerboard Cleaner and 02.  

The Dunlop Fretboard 65 Lemon Oil clears the grime directly off your guitar fretboard. It's not difficult to apply and wipe, it scents great as well. It not only cleans but conditions the fretboard as well. Just cut a small piece of cloth, apply a dainty fog, and wipe clean. This will keep your fretboard decent and hydrates it as well. Moreover, it improves the aesthetic looks of the fretboard by making richer grain texture whether it is coffee, caramel, or chocolate colour. Also, it makes the fretboard durable for long as it prevents the fretboard from cracking and drying.

What's more, when the soil is gone, Fretboard 65 will assist with warding it off by giving an imperceptible sealant against stains and dampness. Player tried, tech endorsed, Fretboard 65 Extreme Lemon Oil will tidy up the wreck that the music business abandons

This item can add a very long time to the existence of your guitar. 

Just try it, the results will speak themselves, you will note a tremendous change, your guitar will play and sound better for a long.

Dunlop Fretboard 65 Extreme Lemon Oil Highlights: 

  • Normal cleaner and conditioner ensures your guitar 
  • Eliminates earth, oil, and wax develop 
  • Helps condition your instrument to oppose dryness 
  • Adds dampness to your fretboard 
  • Expands the existence of your instrument 
  • Dunlop Fretboard 65 Extreme
  • It is perfect for regular use