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Marshall SC212 Studio Classic 140W 2x12 Cab

Original price £549.00
Original price £549.00 - Original price £549.00
Original price £549.00
Current price £529.00
£529.00 - £529.00
Current price £529.00

The functionality of an outstanding cabinet cannot be understated when it comes to getting the most out of your amplifier. It is often said that a bad cabinet may deter the performance of an amplifier and it is indeed the truest of the true statement. The resonant difference in the tone produced by the augmentation provided by a cabinet can be evidently felt by a fine music virtuoso.

The remarkable SC212 Studio Classic is a remarkably distinctive offering by Marshall which is a tailormade for your Studio Classic Amplifier. Fitted with dual 12 inches Celestion G12 V-Type speakers, the SC212 Studio Classic Cabinet is perfectly teamed with the classic British tone. The prime relevance of the carefully designed V-Type speakers is that the sound produced has a warm and balanced tone coupled with a distinctive growl owing to the ceramic magnet design of the Marshall SC212 Studio Classic Cabinet. The versatility of this cabinet is demonstrated by its expressive low end, clear midrange, and chiming highs which make it perfect for rock, blues, and all other music styles. Guitarists love how responsive and articulate these speakers are as they guarantee to inject the premium Studio Classic amplifier with vintage musicality.

As regards the classy appearance of this outstanding product offering of Marshall, its slanted design ensures top-notch projection which perfectly complements the incendiary sound as well as aesthetics of a Studio Classic Amplifier. The body of this cabinet is made of sturdy tolex covered plywood which adds to its efficiency and sustainability. 

Another attraction of this Studio Classic Cabinet is its excellent mobility which can do wonders to your experience as it is easily transportable, implying the elimination of any kind of hassle in carrying this cabinet to rehearsals. One can very conveniently opt to carry this vogue cabinet to stage rehearsals and then take it home without any logistical struggles. 

Product Dimensions:

Height: 29.5" 

Width: 21.1" 

Depth: 12.6" 

Weight: 50.1 lbs

Power Handling: 140W 

Impedance: 8 ohms

The Marshall SC212 Studio Classic Cabinet possesses a balanced tonal signature which is every music aficionado’s consort. It is the best choice one can make for an affordable price as the quality assurance offered by Marshall makes this Studio Classic Cabinet worth every penny spent on it. 

Key features: 

  • Master volume
  • Versatile EQ settings including presence control, a preamp volume control, and added effects loop, and DI out.
  • Clean sounds are true across the lows, mids, and highs, with just enough upper-mid chime and high-frequency sparkle to add clarity and definition
  • Compact and convenient
  • Sustainable and mobile design

Overall, the Marshall SC212 Studio Classic Cabinet would be an optimum choice undertaken by any magnificent musician who wishes to achieve an enhanced and refined output from their Studio Classic Amplifier. At this unmatched price and premium quality, one’s experiences of using the Studio Classic Amplifier would be synergized in the most effective and melodious forms, enabling one to notice the addition in clarity and definition of the music produced.